5 myths about proper nutrition| The nutritionist explains

5 myths about proper nutrition: what not to believe

Fat loss should be excluded. Sushi-diet food. Fresh fruits are useful and low-calorie. Is this the case? Test your knowledge of proper nutrition. The nutritionist debunks popular myths.

Myth 1. Proper nutrition is expensive, tasteless, and difficult.

Proper nutrition is not fashionable “Superfoods“, but simple and affordable seasonal products. They are an order of magnitude cheaper than a set of store-made semi-finished products and confectionery. 

Sugar, salt, fat, and food additives clog our taste buds. We stop feeling the taste of natural products. The good news is that the receptors can be cleared. Remove unnecessary additives, refuse artificial seasonings, and semi-finished products — and after a while, you will feel the real taste of baked chicken fillet.

Proper nutrition does not involve complex dishes and fancy recipes. Just cook porridge, make a salad of seasonal vegetables, and bake fish or meat. Make a healthy diet your habit, and you will feel positive changes in your body. You will become slim and energetic. 

Myth 2. To lose weight, you need to eliminate fats. 

This misconception. Fat is an essential nutrient. They must necessarily enter the body with the main meal. The production of hormones, the formation of cell membranes, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, the maintenance of immunity-all these processes occurs with the participation of fat. But not all of them are useful. Give preference to unrefined vegetable oils, fish, avocado, dried nuts, and seeds. 

healthy fats for keto diet

Give up processed foods and fast food. Review your diet: how many fatty meats (especially red), butter, and cheese you eat. These foods are only useful in moderation.

Myth 3. Sushi and rolls are dietary products.

As part of sushi and rolls-white rice. This is a refined cereal, a simple carbohydrate. It has almost no fiber and vitamins. The basis is starch. But the soy sauce is salty and can retain water. Besides, in Japanese cuisine, sodium glutamate and other high-calorie sauces are widely used. Therefore, sushi and rolls are more likely to be a variant of a festive dish. Don’t abuse it. And be sure to choose a quality restaurant or delivery service.

Myth 4. Snacking is harmful.

Snacking often is harmful. Doing this instead of a full meal is also harmful. But a healthy snack is quite useful.

To do this, it must be:Fat loss should be excluded.Is this really the case? Test your knowledge of proper nutrition. The nutritionist debunks popular myths.

  • scheduled and regular;
  • within the caloric content of your diet;
  • 3 hours after the main meal.                   

If you can not stand without food for more than 4 hours, have a snack. Between Breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. This will help control your appetite and prevent you from overeating during your main meal.

Myth 5. Fruit juices are just as healthy as fresh fruit.

No! Juices do not contain fiber, which slows down the process of assimilation of sugar from fruits. And when you drink, there is no first stage of digestion-chewing. If you want fruit in liquid form, choose a Fruit juices are just as healthy as fresh fruitsmoothie. A combination of fruits with vegetables and herbs will reduce the glycemic load. Simply put, your blood sugar level will not increase, which prevents weight loss.

To understand the principles of proper nutrition, choose the Meal plan offers you: 

  • meal plan for the day;
  • recipes for healthy and delicious dishes;
  • cooking options for meat-eaters and vegetarians;
  • product interchangeability table;
  • list of prohibited ingredients;
  • recommendations of a nutritionist.  

You will always know what to eat and how much to eat. You will have a slim figure and good health. And of course, you will immediately expose any myth about food.

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