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Cooking Buffalo chicken with Mozzarella and tomatoes


INGREDIENTS: 125g mozzarella,4 tsp olive oil, 2 chicken fillets, 140g tomatoes, 2g mix of Italian herbs, salt& pepper to taste, 2 tsp flour, 1tsp ground paprika, 250 ml sous Buffalo, 250g breadcrumb.


  • peel tomatoes, then cut it and mozzarella;
  • in a highly heated pan-fry tomatoes in olive oil;
  • add salt, black pepper, and a mixture of dry Italian herbs – mix and cook the tomato until the liquid evaporates as much as possible. Remove the pan from the stove;

RECIPE Buffalo chicken with Mozzarella

  • chicken fillets without skin and bones are washed and blotted with a paper towel, make an incision on the side of each breast, without cutting through the breast itself;
  • put mozzarella and cold tomatoes from the pan in each of these “pockets”;
  • fasten the place of the cut with toothpicks or wooden skewers, so that the filling is carefully closed and not visible anywhere;
  • on a separate plate, mix the flour with paprika, pour the Buffalo sauce into the second, and pour the breadcrumbs into the third – roll the Chicken fillet in the flour mixture and dip in the sauce.
  • you can fry it on the butter, or bake in the oven (20 minutes at 200 degrees), or grill.

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